Mi6 has superior cushioning properties and unparalleled friction on smooth surfaces (like glass, metal, and polished rock). STEALTH Mi6 rubber is truly a secret weapon for athletes who need speed, agility and sure-footedness.

ONYXX™ has unbeatable hardness for precision edging, stickiness for friction, and exceptional durability.

Aqua STEALTH is a unique rubber that provides high friction in slick, wet conditions and is also credited for combating the devastating parasite that causes catastrophic losses in the world’s trout and salmon populations (whirling disease).

A favorite for speed ascents on mixed terrain, STEALTH S1 exhibits an extraordinary balance of high friction and durability with excellent cushioning.

Many modern rock climbs and boulder problems involve over-hanging rock. STEALTH Hf is super sticky, conforming to even the smallest edges and crystals, allowing athletes to pull with their feet in ways never before possible.

STEALTH C4 allows climbers to stick to barely-there edges, lock into smears on microscopic nubbins and cruise up technical terrain with unparalleled confidence in their footwork.